Hearing Loss Symptoms

Get Clear Guidance on Hearing Loss Symptoms

Detect the Signs of Hearing Loss Early

Prevent further damage to your ears by detecting hearing problems early. Common hearing loss symptoms include ringing or buzzing, trouble hearing or understanding conversations in a noisy environment, frequent misunderstanding during conversations, and complaints of people mumbling.
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Protect Your Hearing

If your hearing loss is undetected for a long period, the problem can worsen and lead to depression, stress, and anxiety. Get an evaluation done at Advantage Care Hearing Center of Faribault, MN. We're locally owned and operated, backed by over 10 years of experience.

Trust us to use state-of-the-art technologies in curing your hearing difficulties.
Hearing Services

Don't Miss Out on Hearing Anything Again

Do people complain about having to repeat themselves to you? Don't worry. Enjoy having great conversations or watching television with the help of top-quality hearing aids. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Learn More About Your Ear

  • Outer ear - visible part of your ear
  • Middle ear - located behind your eardrum
  • Inner ear - cochlea and vestibular system
Find out where exactly the hearing loss is occurring by calling us for a FREE hearing exam.
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Advantage Care Hearing Center is a member of the Minnesota Hearing Health Providers. We provide a FREE hearing test and two-week trial period.
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